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Our planned day-trip to a nearby lake for our long holiday weekend was overtaken by rain, so we had to come with an alternative idea for fun. This is what we came up with…a family art game that everyone could participate in (even the two and a half year old). What’s cool about it is that we also ended up with a nice piece of art to frame as a memory of the fun too. Here’s the basic supplies and rules of the game:

1) Canvas large enough for everyone to have fun. We have 6 people in our family, so we used a 24×36 canvas which was a good size.
2) Any supplies you would like to use but it’s fun to have ‘experimental’ things. Here’s what we used:

Acrylic paints
Sea sponge
Palette knife (large baker one)
Dyes (water based)
Saran wrap
Straw (to blow dyes around)
Scrub brush (to flick specks of paint onto canvas)

Rules of the Game
1. Each person gets a total of 5 minutes to do whatever they want in rotation. So 5 minutes each, then next person and so on. You can only work on it again when the turn comes back to you.
2. You have to respect everybody else’s art. Which means you can enhance or paint on top of someone else’s piece but not obliterate it.
3. You have to respect the art supplies. Which means putting tops back on after use, cleaning brushes, not using in excess.

It’s really a lot of fun, and a creative way to spend some quality family time together. If you try it, share your experience with us!

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